How to Get Crafty: And What Classifies a “Craft” Anyway?

What exactly constitutes a “craft”? Well there are many techniques:(And this is not an exhaustive list either by the way!)

There are a number of classifications that involve one major tool or material such as those listed below:

  • Paper crafts, like origami, scrapbooking
  • Woodcrafting, which could include a burning tool, carving, Balsa wood
  • Yarn, like knitting or needlepoint
  • Painting, as in tole painting, stenciling, using sponges for application, in this case anything “small scale” (not so much working on a canvas)

Then there are the miscellaneous categories…Mason jar crafts have got a huge following, so many of these once used for preserving jars have ended up candles, organizers, dispensers for bath salts or lotion soap, and yes, handmade lamps! Sometimes people paint them on the outside various colors, go to Pinterest sometime and I bet you will be swamped if you enter “mason jar crafts”!

I have worked with popsicle sticks on my own, if you were to visit a craft store locally you would find that you could buy them in bulk and they are packaged as “craft sticks” although most of us know them as the base for frozen confections. If you wanted you could always save up all the popsicle sticks that came with your ice cream but it might take a long time to collect enough for a viable project. These sticks are made of wood, but working with popsicle sticks does not constitute a “wood craft”, despite the fact that they are as lightweight and workable as Balsa wood.

Sometimes, like fashion, there are trends that come and go. I remember a time when potpourri was the hottest thing in the 80s, people took to setting out bowls of it or letting it simmer on the stove…now potpourri seems to have fallen by the wayside and fragrance diffusers became the “in” thing. Essential oil is the secret sauce of fragrance, and yes, there are people who specialize in coming up with new fragrance combos or creative ways to use them. Not trying to digress a lot here because I am hardly an expert; I just know that essential oil is very lucrative!

If you treat crafting as more than a hobby, perhaps you may consider selling your handmade creations. Web 2.0 platforms like Etsy are one very famous venue.

But let’s be very honest here, if it’s something ordinary that could be pulled out of the recycle bin to make into something much better and “re-purposed”, then it can become a craft Just ask the many legions of crafters who have given second lives to coffee cans, soda bottles, jars and bottle tops.

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